Massage Benefits for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

What is Carpal Tunnel Syndrome?
Carpal tunnel syndrome is a condition characterized by tingling, numbness and pain in the hand and fingers (particularly the thumb, index, middle and ring fingers). These symptoms are often the result of median nerve irritation in the wrist or forearm.
Therapeutic massage can be helpful as a conservative treatment option if the nerve has not been compromised. If it is left untreated, surgery may need to be considered. Rather act early if you are experiencing numbness or tingling in your hands.
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Carpal Tunnel Syndrome  – What it is, What Causes it, & How to Identify it

The median nerve is housed inside the carpal tunnel, a narrow passageway in the wrist made of tiny carpal bones, and tissue called the ‘transverse carpal ligament.’ When this inch-wide tunnel narrows further, due to the swelling of the surrounding tissue, it puts pressure and squeezes on the median nerve.

What causes CTS?

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome can occur due to long term repetitive motions that are a regular part of our lifestyle – like working at a computer for long hours. Diabetes, an imbalanced thyroid gland, and rheumatoid arthritis are also known causes. Hereditary factors also play a role in causing CTS.

What are the symptoms of CTS?

  • Numbness, tingling, burning, and pain primarily in the fingers. Tingling sensations may also be felt traveling up the forearm, toward the shoulder.
  • Occasional shock-like sensations felt in the fingers
  • Pain or tingling that may travel up the forearm toward the shoulder
  • Difficulty in performing simple tasks like buttoning shirts. This is due to weakness and clumsiness in the hand. You may also drop things often
  • Loss of awareness of your hand’s position and movement, medically called ‘proprioception.’

Massage & Carpal Tunnel Syndrome – How Regular Massage Therapy Can Help Patients

In a nutshell, massage reduces the pressure on the median nerve, by softening and lengthening the surrounding the tissue. This happens mostly due to the improved circulation in the neck, shoulder, upper arm, elbow, forearm, wrist, and hand.”

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I am…

Some of the physical benefits of massage include:

reduced muscle tension.

improved circulation.

stimulation of the lymphatic system.

reduction of stress hormones.


increased joint mobility and flexibility.

improved skin tone.

improved recovery of soft tissue injuries.

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MTA Conference in May 2020

On Friday the 8th of May and Saturday the 9th of May 2020 the Massage Therapy Association of South Africa hosted their first two day conference on Zoom. It was lovely to share workshops with MTA members all over South Africa and a fantastic way to earn my CPD points.

We had wonderful presenters.

I am proud to part of a association like this and I’m looking forward to more workshops on Zoom!

Face Masks

· April 12 



The National Department of Health has recommended that South Africans wear CLOTH face masks when out in public as a means to slow down the spread of COVID-19.

Health Minister Zweli Mkhize stressed that using three layers of cloth are important.

With this being said, hand washing and social distancing remain top priority when taking preventative measures.
-The Presidency of the Republic of South Africa (2020).

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How to make a mask:

A cloth mask can be made in any non- industrial or domestic setup, and is relatively simple to make. There are many videos on YouTube demonstrating a step by step guide on how to make a cloth mask with varying design.

The following is the Western Cape Government approved cloth mask standard:

A cloth mask typically comprises square pieces of cloth with three pleats that can cover the face from ABOVE the nose to BELOW the chin and almost up to the ears.


Outer layers: Two layers, an inner  and outer surface of  the mask:

  • Made from thick weave cotton like denim, calico or upholstery cotton fabric that can be easily washed
  • Comprising two different patterns on the cloth – if possible – to distinguish between inside and outside of the cloth mask

Inner layers: Two layers of ordinary cotton typically used for linen:

  • If possible – between the two inner cotton layers – a laminate breathable layer of non- woven fabric which is washable at high temperatures – or if you don’t have that, something like a jacket lining inner.
  • Strings or straps which can be tied behind the head.

Sports Massage

Sports massage earns its name from targeting injuries that are specific to sports, whereas deep tissue massage is more specifically focused on chronic muscle tension and stress reduction. Knowing when to apply which technique is important for getting the best results.

Sports massage is a form of massage involving the manipulation of soft tissue to benefit a person engaged in regular physical activity. Sports massage is designed to assist in correcting problems and imbalances in soft tissue that are caused from repetitive and strenuous physical activity and trauma.

The benefits are:
💥increased range of motion.
💥decreased injury potential.
💥increased circulation.
💥increased cellular metabolism.
💥Increased flexibility.
💥Increased sense of well-being.
💥Decreased muscle tension.
💥Decreased neurological excitability (nerves more relaxed)
💥Decreased muscle spasms
💥Better sleep

Massage has so many wonderful benefits and this list must be making you wonder when lockdown will be done so you can see your favorite therapist or find a great therapist!☺️👍

To find a Allied Health registered therapeutic massage therapist near you with the knowledge and experience to know when you need a sports massage or a deep tissue massage, to really assess where you body is at, to listen to your injury experience and history then go to our website to find a therapist near you

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Mother’s Day Gift Vouchers

Mother’s Day is coming up this Sunday~12 May 2019.

I have vouchers available for anyone wanting to gift their mom or mom-in-law a massage.

The vouchers can be sent to you via WhatsApp, SMS or email and payment can be made via EFT.

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The travels of a massage plinth…

I found these photos in a draw in my office. A throwback to 2005-2007 when I started out my career as a massage therapist.

“Have bed – will travel”…

I signed up for my 2 year Diploma in 2003 and I can still remember the excitement of choosing and ordering my very own massage plinth. After six months of pure theory, we were finally allowed to start massaging our colleagues, and six months after that we could start our case study work. I met some really interesting people during that time, some of whom are still booking their regular massages to this day ❤❤

That trusty plinth of mine was taken onto many sports fields for post-event massages at Pedal Power Cycle Events, The Argus Cycle Tour, Two Oceans Marathon, Peninsula Marathon, VOB Time Trials, The Odyssey Stage Race, The Cederberg Challenge… Then as my massage practice grew I could no longer fit in travel  massages and the plinth  rested in my office, until recently…

There is a wonderful feeling to be able to “take your practice with you”. To explore working in different spaces, on bodies that each have a story of their own.

May my plinth and I continue to travel, continue to learn and to grow ❤❤

Thank you to each person who has chilled on that plinth.

Thank you for allowing me to work with your body.

To come alongside you as you work towards your goals and dreams…whatever they may be…

~BobbieMareeMassage ❤❤❤❤KneadingRelief~

P.S… For clarity: I work from my massage rooms in Kirstenhof. Due to time constraints I do not travel to patient’s houses. My plinth and I do pop into every now and then 😃

New Year, New Things…

Welcome to my website and blog…BobbieMareeMassage…

I wear many hats during my day and website design is definitely a new one. Every step I take into this new world of marketing and social media is followed by “Keep it simple Bobbie!!” mantra that circles round and round in my head. Instead of aiming for perfection, I’m going to be bold and learn as I go…

So I will change things, probably quite often. Somewhere in the process I will find my stride…

Welcome to an insight into the space of Bobbie Maree… Wife, Mom, Therapeutic Massage Therapist, runner, aspiring Muay Thai student, artist, dreamer, and many things in between.