The travels of a massage plinth…

I found these photos in a draw in my office. A throwback to 2005-2007 when I started out my career as a massage therapist.

“Have bed – will travel”…

I signed up for my 2 year Diploma in 2003 and I can still remember the excitement of choosing and ordering my very own massage plinth. After six months of pure theory, we were finally allowed to start massaging our colleagues, and six months after that we could start our case study work. I met some really interesting people during that time, some of whom are still booking their regular massages to this day ❤❤

That trusty plinth of mine was taken onto many sports fields for post-event massages at Pedal Power Cycle Events, The Argus Cycle Tour, Two Oceans Marathon, Peninsula Marathon, VOB Time Trials, The Odyssey Stage Race, The Cederberg Challenge… Then as my massage practice grew I could no longer fit in travel  massages and the plinth  rested in my office, until recently…

There is a wonderful feeling to be able to “take your practice with you”. To explore working in different spaces, on bodies that each have a story of their own.

May my plinth and I continue to travel, continue to learn and to grow ❤❤

Thank you to each person who has chilled on that plinth.

Thank you for allowing me to work with your body.

To come alongside you as you work towards your goals and dreams…whatever they may be…

~BobbieMareeMassage ❤❤❤❤KneadingRelief~

P.S… For clarity: I work from my massage rooms in Kirstenhof. Due to time constraints I do not travel to patient’s houses. My plinth and I do pop into every now and then 😃

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