What I offer

I structure each massage according to the individual needs of the patient, by offering:
  • Relaxation Massage – A time to allow your body and mind to reconnect
  • Sports Massage – Sport specific, Pre-event, Post-event, General Maintenance
  • Remedial Massage – For injury recovery and prevention, scar tissue treatment, improved range of motion
  • Manual Lymph Drainage – Post op and scar treatment
Each appointment allows time for:
  • Feedback– How are you? How is your body? What has changed?
  • Massage– Hands on soft tissue assessment, deep tissue massage treatment
  • Self-care options– Stretches, ice/heat therapy, maintenance plan
Appointment options:
  • 30 minutes – R290
  • 45 minutes – R400
  • 60 minutes – R530
  • 90 minutes – R750

Results are best obtained over a series of treatments.

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